Press release Launch of Satoshi’s House

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Satoshi’s House the Worlds Largest Crypto Platform

Worlds largest crypto platform launched

Based in Australia’s Sunshine Coast – industry disruptor & global game changer

Mooloolaba, QLD, March 8, 2018– The worlds first totally integrated use case for crypto currency. Released by two young blokes from the Sunshine Coast, QLD, AUSTRALIA.

“the first application for total global crypto currency freedom of commerce has just been launched, this changes the stranglehold the banks have on the digital economy. Satoshi’s House is a game changer. Since Bitcoin, possibly the most important development in cryptocurrency to date”

For the first time EVER people can use whatever crypto currency they want, they can earn, buy or sell any product or service for ANY crypto currency on the planet. The global crypto currency economy is no longer throttled or controlled by the banks. Anyone with a smartphone and internet connection can now be part of the global digital economy.

The implications of this are so big that it will transform everyday use of crypto currency, value transfer and access like never before. Satoshi’s house is permissionless access to every crypto currency on earth. Peer to peer, for the people by the people. The way Satoshi intended!

visit us and place and ad, join the new economy at Satoshi’s House…. Helping set people free – “De oppresso liber”